Audio and Bluetooth

Have a few questions regarding your Subaru vehicles Audio, NAVI or Bluetooth® system? This section provides a variety of documents, links and even video demonstrations to help you find the information you are looking for.

Subaru Audio & Bluetooth

All factory-built Subaru audio/multimedia systems boast not only excellent acoustics but many desirable features including Bluetooth technology built right in. Click here for details and instruction manuals on all factory-built systems.

Pioneer Audio & Bluetooth

Select Subaru models are equipped with touch-screen, Pioneer multimedia systems that also include Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity. Find video demonstrations, instruction manuals and other details here.

blueconnect® Bluetooth

Utilizing Bluetooth technology, this hands-free mobile phone system is voice-activated and super easy to access. It can also be paired with multiple numbers and function in English, French and Spanish. Get more info and view model availability here.

Phone Compatibility
Because Bluetooth is a universal standard developed by a consortium of communications and technology companies, most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones will function in the Subaru models listed. Please keep in mind, however, that the level of functionality may differ from one phone to another due to the broad array of available models, phone manufacturers, service providers and their proprietary technologies. Please consult your phone’s User Manual to learn more.

Need more help?

If you are experiencing difficulties or can’t find the information you need, call Subaru’s Customer Care Group at 1 800 894-4212 or submit your questions through Contact Us or .